For Startup Businesses: Joining the 10% club

By Emma Ford

In this article, Les Green offers insights into joining the ‘10% club’. He is Managing Partner of Lex Associates LLP, a specialist in the support, development and financing of fast growing companies. He has assisted dozens of companies during past 25 years and personally launched two new businesses: he sold his first to a UK based plc after five years; and took another to AIM within three years.

In these difficult financial times, are there any ways of increasing the chances of business survival for earlier stage companies?

Les offers some thoughts…


I was recently asked to speak to a group of entrepreneurs about what it takes to build a successful business. What made it slightly tricky was that the attendees had a wide range of experience – some recently setting off on their own whilst others had already built and sold companies.

After much consideration, I decided not only to provide some tips and guidance about surviving as a new business but also to cover a topic which probably keeps more entrepreneurs awake at night than any other – the raising and managing of cash. In the present climate, where credit is tight and banks are less willing to back new …read more

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Things to consider as a NED, by Simon Jones

By Emma Ford

Things to consider as a NED

As an NED, it is essential that you have access to high quality information – in particular when the business you are working for is going through major challenges, upheaval or economic uncertainty. How do you get a better insight? Well, here are five questions to ask yourself – to close the uncertainty gap.

Things to consider as a NED, by Simon Jones, Hidden Valley Partners

Have you got ears on the ground?

As an NED, you will have a good understanding of business issues, and no doubt some specific skills that you contribute to the Board. But how well do you understand this particular business? To understand it better, would some ears on the ground (at different levels of the business) improve your understanding, insight and contribution?

Does your information have the breadth and depth you’d like?

You may have been appointed to support the Board in a particular way – and as a result you may get close to the CEO and other Executives. But this could take time away from understanding what is happening in the wider business. You may feel confident and on top of the information …read more

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How do you make yourself visible for non-executive director roles? Build your network!

By Emma Ford

We regularly get asked, how do you make yourself visible for non-executive director roles? As such NEDonBoard interviewed expert Michelle Dunne, and experienced professional in Executive Search, Board and C-Suite Appointments at Taggart Search.

Connecting business and leaders, Michelle Dunne has more than 15 years’ experience connecting business and leaders. As an executive search consultant she works across geographies and industries helping businesses attract and retain sustainable leadership teams to create and drive strategy. She works with some of the world’s leading companies of varying scale and is engaged in a broad range of board and C-suite appointments.

1) How do recruitment companies assist boards in recruiting the right non-executive directors

In general, recruitment companies that provide services at board level do so in three key ways:

Firstly, to recruit effectively, a recruiter needs to have a firm grasp of a company’s strategy and challenges. Understanding the composition of the board and the profiles of individual board members as well as dynamics between members means that a recruiter can objectively ascertain the skills and experience that could complement the board, and hence, improve performance. This is best done in consultation as an evaluation and benchmarking exercise.

Secondly, recruiters are able to strategically search …read more

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