What must non-executives understand? – David Gelber

By Emma Ford

Insights from David Gelber:

Whilst most of my NED positions are, and have been in the financial services area several have not been. What I have learnt from this diversity is first and foremost the absolute need for NEDs to understand the business of the company. It is of little or indeed negative value to distance oneself from this and concentrate on “corporate governance”. If you are unwilling or unable to develop such an in depth understanding do not serve as an NED.

For those NEDs from non-financial backgrounds who wish to serve with companies in that sector the most crucial skill these days is understanding the ever changing and ever more onerous and obtrusive regulatory regime. My advice to such candidates is simple: “Think twice before accepting the position”!

What I enjoy most from my NED roles is the ability to cross reference one’s experience in one company with issues arising in another. Whilst some problems/issues are unique to one company, it is surprising how many occur across one’s portfolio.

On this note, it’s worth thinking, readers, how do your roles and experiences relate to one another?

About David:

David Gelber currently serves as the Chairman of Walker Crips Plc, a full service …read more

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Have your say: Non-Executive Director Motivations

By Emma Ford

In recent years the expectations of, and demands on, Non-Executive Directors have increased.

As the role of Non-Executive Director changes, NEDonBoard is interested to understand the diversity of motivations of Non-Executive Directors and aspiring Non-Executive Directors.

This week’s blog post survey is an opportunity to share with us your motivations: Non-Executive Director Motivation Survey

The reasons can be diverse. What are yours?

Findings will also be included in NEDonBoard’s Non-Executive Director Good Practise Guide. To ensure answers are truly reflective of non-executives’ motivations, responses will be collected anonymously.

This survey should take no more than approximately 60 seconds to complete.

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A Current Topic – Reforming UK Corporate Governance

By Emma Ford

A topic particularly relevant at the moment is corporate governance for UK business. To ‘further enhance our competitiveness’, the UK government is looking to strengthen the UK’s corporate governance framework, issuing a Green Paper, Corporate Governance Reform, on the 29th November 2016.

Responses to the Green Paper are submissible until 17th February 2017.

For a reminder, the current UK Corporate Governance Code (most recently updated in April 2016 by the Financial Reporting Council) is available here.

At the end of November, NEDonBoard hosted an event highlighting some of the background for, and aspects of, corporate governance and boardroom culture for non-executive directors. To share your views on corporate governance with the non-executive community please email liv.noble@nedonboard.com.

To view upcoming NEDonBoard non-executive director focused events visit here.

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