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    Need a Non-Executive Director? Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls

    Caroline Gourlay June 30, 2015 A good non-exec director can do wonders for an SME, bringing experience and a different perspective, acting as a sounding board and challenging the exec team to ensure they focus on the right stuff: the important not the urgent, the long-term strategy, good corporate governance and so on. And yet companies […

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    10 things Non-Executive Directors can do to satisfy their legal responsibilities

    Falling foul of the law can have serious consequences for Non-Executive Directors – here are 10 steps you can take to avoid it happening

    The 2006 UK Companies Act, which sets out the legal duties and responsibilities of Company Directors, is one of the longest pieces of legislation ever written. Falling foul of the law […]

    So you want to be a Non-Executive Director?

    Competition for Non-Executive Director roles is fierce so how do you differentiate yourself from the opposition? There has never been a better time to become a Non-Executive Director. With a growing emphasis on Corporate Governance in boardrooms around the world there is a growing demand for skilled directors who are qualified to be effective board […]

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    Working with the board in the 21st century


    Boards of organisations of all shapes and sizes in the private, public and voluntary sectors face new challenges due to the way society expects businesses and not-for-profits to behave.

    These challenges have been brought about by the corporate excesses of the last century and the dramatic failures of […]

    The UK Corporate Governance Code 2014 Update

    The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has issued an updated version of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) […]

    Exactly what should directors do?

    If you are a company director and you have been aware of your duties under the 2006 Companies Act and you have been complying with them then you can be satisfied that you are acting within the law – if not, then you should review how you and your board operates to make sure that you are discharging your director’s duties correctly. […]

    Is your board dysfunctional?

    Does your board have directors who trust each other, are committed, are comfortable with conflict, hold each other to account and are focused on results? […]

    What makes a good NHS Non-Executive Director?

    nhs non-executive director

    The Francis and Keogh reports highlight the need for good governance and effective Non-Executive Directors in the NHS

    Both Francis and Keogh reports have highlighted the crucial role played by Non-executive directors in the NHS.

    Questions about standards of nursing care, above average mortality rates and low staff morale are continually […]

    What skills do Non-Executive Directors need?

    Use this checklist to see if you have the skills Non-Executive Directors need to be effective […]

    How to write a Non-Executive Director CV

    A Non-Executive Director CV is different from an Executive CV

    The skill-set required to be a successful Non-Executive Director is different from an Executive Director’s skill-set so it makes sense that your Non-Executive Director CV should be different from one you would use to obtain an Executive position.

    A summary of […]