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New Year Resolution: Do more for charity as a Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director appointments & Charity Trustee roles in the voluntary sector are a way of giving something back by using your corporate skills for the benefit of others.

If one of your New Year resolutions for 2014 is to do more for charity and you are looking for new and different ways to […]

Interview with Newly Appointed Trustee Colin Lewis

A newly appointed trustee explains how he got his current trustee role

Reprinted from the Non Executive Director Hub 3 December 2013


Tell us a bit about yourself and what role you currently hold?

I am 52 and married with 2 children. I qualified as an accountant in private practice then moved […]

What should Non-Executive Directors focus on?

At a time when businesses need to focus on growth why is it that most Non-Executive Directors see their primary role as something else?

Growth businesses need contacts, funding, relationships, coaching, governance, risk management and more. Which of these do or could non-executive directors provide to businesses?

By Bryan Foss and Alison Bond


Non-executive directors need to move on to stay truly independent

Don’t become part of the furniture – Non-executive directors need to move on to stay truly independent Re-printed from the Sunday Times Carly Chynoweth Published: 13 January 2013 Six years is plenty and nine years is definitely enough.

Non-executive directors who spend too long on any one board tend to become company insiders and lose […]